Posting campaign of Ramen photos and videos


We believe that we can contribute to the development of ramen culture and create a new community of ramen lovers by collecting and sharing ramen photos and videos all over the world through this campaign.


Let's post your ramen photos or videos and get luxury benefits!

Please don't cause any trouble to ramen shops and other customers when you take photos or shoot videos.

Information and Apology for benefits change

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we decided to cancel our originally planned trip to Japan and food tour.
Very sorry for those who were looking forward to it.
We are planning new benefits separately, so we will inform you again.
As a benefit, cashback of ramen fees is ongoing. Thank you for your continued participation.


Ramen price cash back for everyone

See here for details

The campaign overview

Application period:For an indefinite period of time

Until the reach of 1 million yen, continue cashback of ramen fees.

Area:Around the world

<How to post>

(1)Please click the green button below to post your photos or videos
(2)follow our account Instagram(@weloveramen_rw) or Twitter(@weloveramen_rw) and post your photos or videos with hush tug “ramen_cp” and the ramen shop name on your account.
※Not only new photos or videos but also old ones are acceptable.
※ “Ramenwalker” will edit photos or videos for its YouTube account.

If you post via Instagram or Twitter, please note that the following conditions are invalid:
※your account is private
※ you do not follow the campaign official account Twitter(@weloveramen_rw) or Instagram(@weloveramen_rw)
※you delete the post
※your account is inappropriate for Twitter, Instagram

Check #ramen_cp posts

Your post will be published in our media!

Some of the photos and videos posted will be introduced on the TV program "Ramen Walker TV 2" broadcast on "Fuji TV ONE / TWO / NEXT" and on the WEB.
In addition, we may ask the person who posted the media to appear on the program or to cover the website.

Our member ramen shops

We are looking for ramen shops who can join this campaign

Please get in touch with us here.


We are looking for partners who can join this campaign

Please get in touch with us here.